Thomas Demand is a reputed international photo artist and was brought on board by DekaBank to design the award statuette. Since 2004, the symbol of the International Highrise Award is made anew every two years and bestowed on the respective winner. The statuette consists of striking wafer-thin layers of titanium made using an electron-ray melting technology (EBM) which means they can be layered in almost any geometry at random. The process, which is otherwise mainly used to manufacture medical implants and in the aerospace and automotive industries, is currently considered the most innovative method of rapid manufacturing.

A building consists first and foremost of ideas that then take form during the design phase as concepts, plans, data and presentations, later as contracts, lists of claims, agreements, etc. – a veritable tower of documents. “And also after the building has been realized,” is how Thomas Demand describes his piece, “a highrise can be read as a stack of different tenants, visitors, usages, opinions, and assemblies, as a tower of different states, intentions, movements, changes, and deposits.”

Pieces by Thomas Demand are currently on show in museums in Kobe (Japan), Basel, Scottsdale (USA), Vienna, Berlin, Jerusalem and Cáceres (Spain). In Frankfurt he was last represented in the “Paparazzi!” exhibition at Schirn Kunsthalle.

Statuette International Highrise Award, artist: Thomas Demand, photo: Friedemann Steinhausen